Hello. Welcome. Stay Awhile?

Hello, anyone who sees this.

I’ll keep this short.  I want to work in entertainment journalism and I’ve got to start somewhere.  But I didn’t start this blog just for that reason.  I started this because I have zillions of thoughts about my favorite shows and I just need to get them out of my system and onto the internet! I’ve been writing “rants” as I call them for a few years on my tumblr page and was surprised to learn people liked them.  I figured why not make these rants a little more official? So here I am.  On wordpress.  With a lot of ideas and a lot of excitement.  But don’t think this is going to be the greatest TV blog within my first few posts.  Give me time.  Stay awhile, I promise it will be kickass someday.  When that day comes and I have a larger site and maybe a little recognition (maybe also a little TV recap street cred) you can tell people you were here since the beginning.  And we all know you love telling people you’re an OG fan of something.  I for one just revel in the fact that I have watched shows like Psych and It’s Always Sunny since day one, before all you fake fans jumped on the bandwagon.  Anyways, stick around, this could be worth it.

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