Beast Mode Deactivated – Teen Wolf Season Finale Recap/Review


Season 5 of Teen Wolf concluded Tuesday night leaving rabid fans weary of the hiatus but hopeful for the future. It was an action packed hour filled with bullets, glowing eyes, electricity and one shard of glass that pierced my sweet Stiles.  The most badass residents of Beacon Hills gathered in the tunnels to take down The Beast (and thankfully also Theo) with a little trickery, some help from a not so blind after all Deucalion and the memories of the dearly departed Alison Argent.

“Apotheosis” was the name of the game and it couldn’t have been more fitting.  The word derives from the Greek apotheoun or “to deify.”  It was used to grant someone divine status in society, to make them a god or the highest being.  Today the term is defined as the highest point in development, the climax.  If you watched the episode, you’re probably already finding connections between the words derivative/definition and the events of the season finale.  This was of course the climax of Season 5’s arc but it further proved the divine power that Scott’s Pack holds.

There were a lot of moving parts in the episode.  I’ll admit, at one point I was confused where Stiles went, how he ended up at Scott’s house and also how the hell Kira came to the rescue.  Our band of Teen Wolves were paired off: there was Theo and Deucalion, Malia and Braeden, Stiles and Lydia, The Argents and Parrish, Scott and Liam, and Hayden who kind of just got in the way of everybody.  So yeah, lots of moving parts.

Daaaaamn Deucalion, back at it again with the double-cross…

I think we should have a round of applause for Deucalion for stringing Theo along for what, 2 months? I mean all that teen angst and Chimeracide I’m surprised he didn’t whip off his aviators sooner.  Deucalion always intrigued me, from the first episode he appeared in.  He’s villainous, but not much of a threat.  He felt like a supernatural con-man rather than a scary Big Bad, which made him all the more fascinating.  He’s not the typical antagonist we’ve seen over the years on Teen Wolf – he doesn’t have a single goal or hit list or even an arch enemy.  We thought he had one in Scott, but as it turns out he didn’t which makes me wonder if he’ll become an ally in season 6.  I personally hope so because Gideon Emory is truly captivating.

Deucalion watched silently as Theo crumbled, and enjoyed it.  He did nothing – he was chained up and fully committed to his damsel blind man in distress rouse – he literally. did. nothing. and yet came out victorious.

*Deucalion snaps Theo’s neck*

His temporary (though I hope it continues) alliance with Scott was a surprise.  I’ll be honest I had a big ol’ stupid smile on my face when he rolled he revealed his perfect eyes to Theo.  Then they cut to Scott in a Hero stance beside him looking all proud to be a part of this double-cross.  The names McCall.  Scott McCall.

If I were on Teen Wolf, I’d be the Dessert Wolf…

So Malia’s mom is just the worst, right?  I mean strike 1: You’re trying to kill your own daughter.  Strike 2: You are seriously destroying the McCall house with this Mr.&Mrs. Smith fight y’all are having.  And finally, you hurt Stiles? STRIKE 3 YOU NEED TO LEAVE


My love for Stydia is what medical experts would call “unhealthy”…

There was not enough Stydia in the finale.  HOWEVER if this finale gave us shippers anything, it is HOPE.  Not only that, Jeff Davis basically told us that Stiles and Lydia have the sex in the season 6 premiere so praise Jesus, hallelujah, thank you Oprah.


The FOCAL POINT, GUYS.  THE. FOCAL. POINT.  THE APOTHEOSIS OF STYDIA IS COMING.  Wait, did I use that word properly? Whatever, Stydia>Grammar.

This is a long time coming and I really hope the two spend a long time coming in the season premiere.  Ha…ha…see what I did there?


Anyways, before we jump ahead to the next season that we know nothing about, lets talk about that hand holding.  But before we even get to that, lets talk about Lydia.  When we first met Lydia she was a dumb popular girl venerable to the crazy world around her.  Turns out she was not only a bit of genius but also a warrior with a loving heart.  As the Banshee inside her strengthened so did every other part of her.  She become stronger, more confident, more motivated, and more aware of what she wants in life.  Her pack became her top priority and thanks to the events that have taken place this season, it is clear that Stiles means more to her now than ever before.

We all know how much Stiles loves Lydia.  Do I really need to explain? I have talked about it in previous posts here and here so lets skip over the obvious head over heels nature of Stiles love for Lydia Martin.  I know it, you know it, Jeff Davis knows it, hell even my mother knows it!  The season finale gave us teeny tiny itty bitty Stydia moments but while small they were full of the true love and care these two have for each other.  After Lydia’s shocking slice to the throat (I gasped quite loud when it happened) she landed in the hospital where Stiles looked over her with pain in his tired eyes, gently holding her hand.

tumblr_o3r9pb7ro71u93xwdo2_400 tumblr_o3r9pb7ro71u93xwdo4_r1_400

The sight of a woman he loves laying in a hospital bed defenseless is one he has seen far too many time in his short life.  This wouldn’t be a true review of mine if I didn’t take a moment to praise Dylan O’Brien.  I’m sorry I have to, I am physically incapable of not commenting on his ever flawless, always consistent, honest portrayal of Stiles. I guess that sentence said it all.  Moving on, I guess.  She wakes and asks if they found a solution. “It was you. It was you, Lydia” he replies (*be still my heart*)  I can’t help but think this was a declaration of love as well.  “Its you Lydia, it’s always been you. I love you.”  Sorry I’ll stop writing fanfic mid-review.  My apologies.  Lydia then received the understandably painful Cortisone shot straight to the jugular, Stiles holds her hand once more.  They are each other’s anchors, forever and always.

They are so in love, guys…I MEAN COME ON LOOK AT THESE TWO

I love you my sweet bby Banshee
I love you too, Biles


Ali A Saves The Day…

At the apotheosis of “Apotheosis” (*nailed it* *self-five*) Scott and Liam went toe to toe with The Beast.  Both were quickly bested with a swift swat of the hand by the monster.  Knocked down hard after being slammed to the ground by the Beast’s mini tremor, Sebastian returned to rip Scott’s throat out.  As his claws pierced Scott’s spine, a barrage of Scott’s memories flooded Sebastian’s mind.  We were graced with Scallison moments of Teen Wolf’s Past that while beautifully for us was haunting to Sebastian because as we saw a few weeks ago, his sister is Allison’s doppelgänger.

wish we could turn back time to the good ol’ da-ays

These memories stunned him for a moment just as Lydia ran in to screech MASON.  Anybody have a flashback to Dragonball Z – that scream was very Kamehameha, right?  The Beast & Sebastian were KO’d and Mason popped right out of the smoke.  Oh and Corey was there THE ENTIRE TIME.  That was honestly the most surprising moment of the entire episode.

surprise bitch

Parrish flies in like a fiery Pegasus and holds down the Beast as Scott drives the pike into it’s chest.  Rest In Peace Beast of Gévaudan, congrats on being inducted into the Teen Wolf Hall of Fame for dumbass monsters who think they can beat Scott and his Pack.


“I look for my friends”

Season 5 was crazy to say the least.  It’s senior year so what else could we expect.  It’s a crazy time even if you’re just a human without any werewolf problems to worry about.  The Pack went through a lot but as always came out strong.  If there is anything we can learn from Teen Wolf its that we can make it through the hard times, we can fight the toughest of battles, the scariest of demons.  There might be great losses and insurmountable obstacles but we can overcome them, prevail and become stronger than ever before.


The finale ended with the original 4 members of the pack: Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and the memory of Allison who saved their lives once more.  The beauty of Teen Wolf is there is always a beacon of hope, something we all need in life.  To see characters we have grown to love and adore (and maybe be a little obsessed with) be happy, somehow, even if only for the 2 minutes you’re watching them, we are happy and hopeful too.  Teen Wolf left us with a warm feeling in our hearts and an enough excitement to keep us coming back for more in season 6! Can’t wait!

Later Betas 🐾

Some Extra Thoughts:

  1. Tell me this isn’t Scott being so proud his Best-Bro is happy with the love of his life

tumblr_o3r7klwnt81rsc3z0o4_250 tumblr_o3r7klwnt81rsc3z0o5_250

  1. People are like what about Malia & Parrish??? Well Malia cares for Stiles but is she long term relationship material? Hell no.  Parrish might actually love Lydia but after his hellish couple of months something tells me he will be taking a leave of absence from the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department. So Stydia is a-go
  2. Stiles was stabbed in the chest with a shard of glass.  Why didn’t anyone talk/worry about this other than me? Then like a day later at the library he’s 100% fine like nothing happened.  Who’s the supernatural creature now? Imagine that though for a second.  Stiles werewolfing out.  Excuse me while I daydream…
  3. Gilles Marini though.  I mean wowza.  I wouldn’t mind being devoured by him.
  4. There was a distinct lack of one thing that could have made this episode infinitely better… tumblr_mh8o95g5v91qbbseto2_500
  5. What is this talk of Teen Wolf 2.0? As in the OG3 leave and we just get Liam and Mason? (*walks out of the room slowly*)
  6. Hayden is annoying as hell.  There I said it.
  7. Stilinski carrying Lydia into the hospital…the father in law feels ARE REAL
  8. Also him screaming Melissa…the Melinski feels ARE REAL
  9. I’m glad Theo got swallowed up by his sister (who was possibly the freakiest looking thing to ever show up on this show).  He was an asshole who just kept on murdering and being a total douche to literally everyone.


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